Address Verification

Reduce e-commerce risk: Collect accurate shipping addresses. Ship once, on-time.



Eliminate time spent on manually verifying shipping addresses and searching for correct addresses.

Reduce time spent on shipping-related customer support.

Our customers have reported saving between 20 and 100 hours of work every month.


Reduce the risks of:

  • shipping errors
  • failed deliveries
  • unsatisfied customers
  • increased operating costs due to address data errors

Many e-commerce customers report undeliverable shipments as among their top business challenges.


Eliminate or reduce charges from lost, undeliverable and returned shipments.

Distinguish between residential and commercial addresses and assign different rates.

We’re still collecting information on cost savings. Stay tuned...


Address Verification

Eliminate undeliverable shipments. Automatically verify addresses before and after orders are submitted and when orders are drafted, including phone orders.

Address Autocomplete

Reduce customer effort and keystrokes at check-out and improve conversion rates.

Residential & Commercial

Classify addresses by type and reduce shipping rates with accurate labels.

Delivery Zones

Set local delivery zones and restrictions to the post code / zip code level.

Prohibit P.O. Box Shipping

Reduce return-to-sender mail by preventing customers from entering P.O. box shipping addresses.

Order Tagging

View verification results on individual orders and aggregated on a dashboard.

Error Specific Messages

Notify customers during and after check-out if an address needs to be updated.

Email Notification

Receive notices of unverified addresses, which can integrate with ‘hold order’ workflows.

Postal Format

Ensure addresses are in the correct postal format with pre- and post-order auto-correct.

Customize UI/UX

Select from our message-style templates and input tailored, on-brand messages to customers.

Control Language

Latin and non-Latin characters are accepted. Customize which Latin characters are accepted, to require order addresses in local language.

Pay as you go

  • EACH



Why Us

Why us
By an entrepreneur, For entrepreneurs.

The main business challenge for Streetify’s founder, Thuong Mai, was address validation. A business owner of several online stores, Thuong received many returned shipments due to address data entry errors. The time and cost of manually reviewing and fixing these issues strained his net revenue. So, he created an address validation tool.

In 2017, he launched the tool (known as SmartStreet) on Shopify. With a commitment to continuous improvement and strong focus on customer satisfaction, he continued improving it and launched an updated version, Streetify, in 2018.

Flexible, easy, secure

Pay-as-you-go. No contracts and no long-term commitments.
International and USPS address verification are just $0.03 each.

With simple, step-by-step instructions, installation typically takes less than five minutes.

24/7 site monitoring and data encryption and hashing
99.9% uptime guaranteed

Customer Centric

Streetify exists because of strong customer support and feedback. We love solving problems for our customers. And providing first-class customer support is one of our top priorities.

Hearing from current and prospective customers is the best part of our day. Send us a message at [email protected]. New product features and functionality requests are always welcomed. We typically respond within 1 business day.

Reviews from SmartStreet, our beta version

Global shipping addresses verified

5 million+

Mailing industry loss when addresses are not verified

$20 billion/year

Time Streetify saves e-commerce businesses


Costs avoided by verifying with Streetify

Tell us. We’d love to know.

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